AlphaTech SDMS 2.0 features

Single software for multiple Alphatech make Equipments

Server-based; Web-based Software accessible through Browser

Fully user friendly software

Alphanumeric password with automatic password expiry, separate password for individual user.

Password minimum character option.

Secure user login with 100% trace audit trail

Audit Trail : It is possible to trace users all activities after login to log out

User Rights: Administrator can define user access level, can create new users and can assign user rights.

SMS alert can be settable through software.

Dedicated back end application for Datalogging , alarm, SMS.

User Can set Automatic and manual Data backup option.

Equipment Parameters can be settable through software.

21 CFR part 11 Complies Software

Reports and Graphs : Chamber wise Reports available for Data log, events, door access, audit trails, SMS alerts, mean kinetic temperature reports, graph.

Input / Output Status : All the utility and control inputs and output status visible .

Real Time Trend : Can monitor individual chamber with process value and trends for all the sensors, online and offline

Department-wise segregation of users, equipment & data

Paperless e-Review, e-Approval, e-Signature, e-Comments of: Data Logs , Alarms , Audit Trails