Pass Through oven

Temperature Range Upper Chamber

Heating System

Long lasting stainless steel U shaped tubular heaters with S.S. fins.

Control System

PLC based control system with fast Ethernet communication.

4.3” color touch screen display

Standard features

This unit has double walled chamber, with Mineral Wool insulation.

Interior is made of Stainless Steel & Exterior is either made of Mild Steel finished with powder coating or Stainless Steel.

The unit has outside metal door with gasket & lock.

Opposite doors with interlocking facility.

The unit is provided with Mesh Type Stainless Steel trays with adjustable height.

Forced air circulation for uniform temperature.

PU wheels for easy move ability.


PT-100 sensor used for measurement.

Temperature in degree Celsius with 0.1°C resolution.


Unit is provided with safety devices for low temperature in case of malfunction.


Audio and Visual alarms are generated for temperature variation, utility failure.